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External consultation days are held regularly in the major German cities. Almost weekly in Munich, London and Zurich (post to be sent to Berlin only):

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Vogel Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH serves international clients worldwide in collaboration with colleagues based in the respective country. However, English, French, Swiss and Austrian law, as well as the law of various US states, are particularly common.

The scope of activity often extends to problem-solving in connection with "fraudulent actions". These can occur, for example, in tax law (tax evasion, etc.), business law, insolvency law, criminal law, inheritance law, marriage law, and contract law. Restitution activities include cooperating with renowned art investigators and detective agencies.

Our clients are public figures. Special discretion/tact, including with regard to the media interest, are a matter of course.

In procuring evidence, we use known detective agencies and support you up to the repatriation-of-assets stage, which in turn is carried out by specialised cooperation partners.

Detectives/investigators also support us  in clarifying the facts through Forensic Services. If a suspicion is confirmed, it will be prepared with regard to admissibility in a court of law. If receivables cannot be realised, we have the whereabouts of the funds assessed by asset investigators (it should be noted that supervisory bodies are obligated to examine claims for damages against employees in accordance with Sections 91 II, 93 II, 116 AktG [Stock Corporation Act], Section 43 I, II GmbHG [Law on Limited Liability Companies] if appropriate grounds exist).

The projects are subject to the strictest discretion. The company/person concerned can decide for themselves whether they want to solve the process internally or externalize it through communication with law enforcement bodies/courts. This question can be assessed either by suitably trained staff of the client or by specialists cooperating with us. Pre-emptively, preventive measures are also possible.

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The assignment is concluded during an in-person initial consultation, at which a remuneration agreement, power of attorney, and declaration of limitation of liability to 2.5 million euros or more are signed. Vogel Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH does not carry out "Internet consultations" as the law firm's very specific activities are not performed within the distance selling system. The agent can also enable personal contact at the client's location.